I have recently started to work with ButterMilk Media as my Agent and Manager to build a media connected website for my writings, book(s) and my new business.

They have been a blessing and a great guidance. I went in with an small idea and they grew it into an huge idea quickly with a total vision for a long term plan.  They were very professional, responsive and helped me reach my new audience.  Being a "new" author was hard enough, but they made it simple for me to make and meet more and more connections to grow my online presence and my fan base.  They new so much about TV, Film and Radio or "Traditional Media" and why that was just not for me as it would have wasted so much money when I could be online all the time 24/7/365 and selling books! 

Within less than a week, my website was up and running with connections to a host of social networks via links on my site.
I even had my own DAILY NEWSLETTER!

Valkyrie Morgan


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