When this client was asked if he would be willing to take calls to help us with new clients that are not too sure if they can take the plunge into all of this new Technology that ButterMilk Media is always staying on top of this was their response:

Steve takes what it seemingly extremely hard to learn and makes it super easy! He breaks it down into simple and easy to understand methods that are simple to implement!
I will tell anyone how easy it is for me to control my own websites and how much time Steve and Jerry put in for their customers. Seems to me that spending $10,000 or so that others have paid for sites that you can’t even find was wasted. I was about to get into the same type of website or with another company like many others are doing – and they are doing it all wrong! These companies want to hold you captive, they lock you out of the back end so they have control and they make you pay for updates, site maintenance and more! And there are all kinds of hidden charges and it would seem to me that these OTHER companies are trying to tie you up for years to come! Which just means MORE MONEY to them – and less control and therefore less results for me! As I can do whatever I need to do or even want to do easily! As Steve will train us on anything we want to know!

It’s readily apparent that these other companies want to lock you down for as long as they can and make you keep paying over and over again! That’s the EXACT opposite of Steve, Jerry and ButterMilk Media’s or PCG INC’s philosophy! They want you to take control, they don’t lock you out of the back end – in fact, they provide you with full access to everything they are doing – it’s all transparent so you always know what they are doing, have done – and there are NO hidden fees! In fact, their goal is to get you up and running as quickly as inexpensively as possible and then turn it all over to you, the client! And they do this FAST! So you’re involved in every step of the process and then the site is YOURS! Plus they stick with you for as long as your contract period and NEVER fall off on their work! They are just incredible!

After Jerry explained to me that I would be the one in control and how easy it was to get your messages out to all the different social medias, it made all the difference in the price. It’s was a one time expense and now it’s all ours. I do not have to call anyone to change anything….well just maybe Steve when I make a mistake. I am getting tons of exposure all over the internet and not spending time posting to all different social media sites…..I am also getting continuous pointers and tips and tricks from Steve about new things all the time and even what’s coming that hasn’t even happened yet – that’s how are ahead of the curve Steve is! And that’s why I”m coming back to ButterMilk and PCG, INC for yet another site…Can’t wait to see how the PC Posse takes off because if it’s anything like our first site – our numbers are through the roof and just continuing to climb! The exposure has been fantastic and even two of the largest companies out there that are publicly traded have not had ONE SINGLE HIT on their Websites since we went live – and if you search for us on any search engine we are usually almost if not EVERY SINGLE link on the first few pages of a search engine – so we’ve buried our competition!

One thing I have yet to talk to them about is the ongoing process after a year. With things on the internet changing daily or hourly, I think there might be some interest in an ongoing program of some type to keep up with the changing times, how to integrate into new social media, and whatever pops up on the new horizon. No one wants any more bills to pay but for what I think Steve, ButterMilk and PCG INC can do for us should definitely be something we want them to offer well into the future, as I think it would be well worth it and we’d be happy to pay for it! I know it may be too much for Steve and he cannot do it all – and due to his time being worth more but I know I want to stay on top of the internet with the latest trends and I do not have the time to put my time into keeping up with the newest thing out there. And that’s what Steve does EVERY DAY and he shares all of the latest changes, tips, tricks and ways for us to grow our business with us FREELY – they never charge a penny for all that Steve learns and shares with us – as that’s just part of what they offer!
Thank you,

Chris C.

This is from one of our BEST CLIENTS – They have taken every bit of what we have “offered for their consideration” as we don’t really give advice and taken their business to whole new level! But a lot of the Credit goes to the CLIENT as again, they do exactly what we ask them to do even when we offer some off the wall suggestions – that end up PAYING OFF in a BIG WAY! And their costs other than the initial retainer fees – for ongoing Online Advertising – is ZERO! In short everything they are doing is basically FREE – it’s just a matter of time and they are spending less than 15 minutes per day Updating! Of course, they put a little more time into their Videos – but have taken that to a whole new level as well!

On their first update they made $1,000.00, their second update sold in less than 2.5 hours and now they are selling all over the US and in some cases in less than 10 minutes from hitting PUBLISH on their update! Now that’s FAST! And they are getting international traffic and requests to buy their products!

They have now cut back total Traditional Media by about $50,000 per year and have decided to NEVER sign another contract for Radio, Television or other Traditional Media! So it’s more than fair to say they’ve recouped everything they’ve paid in about 6 weeks – and they they liked our work so much that they even hired us for another site less than 6 months from the time we started in June of 2011 and that site is already up and running and paying off for them yet again!

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