First of all, Steve is extremely knowledgeable in all the latest blogging/posting web site platforms. He selected and designed the right format to meet our needs. That may sound trivial, but consider the enormity of the new and emerging technologies available in this arena and the amount of time needed to devote to their analysis and functionality. This process alone can be a full-time job for any company! We are thankful that Steve logs an astounding amount of time keeping us up-to-date with the latest applications and changes.

All the information available on the Web is of little use if it is not interpreted correctly and used to our advantage! Steve spends an incredible amount of time reading, researching, and networking with other webmasters and industry insiders in order to maximize our online visibility and back links. There are literally thousands of advertised widgets, plug-ins, and companies offering different methods to increase your SEO rankings, drive sales, and create brand loyalty. The information is overwhelming! Then tack on the fact that the SEO lottery formulas for ranking can change daily without notice. If you are attempting to navigate this minefield on your own, you run the risk of failure before you even launch. As the ever-changing climate shifts, Steve filters the information for us and updates our web site features accordingly.

While Steve’s time and services are in high demand, he provides excellent customer service! He makes time

to return phone calls promptly, explain updates, and work through any problems that may arise in a timely manner. He makes himself available – oftentimes working through the night to correct and install updates for his customers. Steve has accumulated countless hours training our employees through his online sharing format and telephone consultations. He has a congenial, easy manner and explains technical procedures in non-technical language that everyone can understand. That’s a rare trait in any high-tech field!

In short, I am very pleased with the results of our new online platform under Steve’s guidance. We are having good hits to our website without paid advertising or paying per click. I have worked with several webmasters through the years and I give Steve my very highest recommendations for industry knowledge, research and applications, innovative design, training, and customer service! It’s hard to argue with our Google Analytics and what appears to be a complete turnaround in our online visibility! Steve’s formula works!


Sherry Rooker

UDP Social Media/Marketing Administrator

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