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One Click Publish!

Butter Milk Media News2What if you could publish to your newselttter, most social media networks and your website with ONE CLICK?  Yes, we can do that!  

Posting and/or blogging as often as possible is hard enough and then one has to update their social networks, newsletter or whatever else thus taking up hours and hours of your valuable time.  We make the process much simpler by "connecting" as many of your accounts as possible so that with one-click and hit "Publish" your post/blog as well as Faceboo, Twitter and others along with our Newsletter can be updated all at one time.  

This feature alone is one of our cusotmers favorites so that especially their social media channels are updated with the latest news but then they can go in and publish the fun stuff on social media to humanize the company and let people know that the Web is about "connections" and Social Media is about "engaging" your followers and one can't do that by quoaiting pricing and all business all the time content.  
Yeah, that's right - MOO!  

Web Design & Connectivity

Butter Milk Media News4Website Design and Connectivity 

We can take a client through the best options for creating a website along with which format to use, which hosting plans, and more so that they have a website and online presence that has the most functionality and is easy to update by the client. And with one click, they can update their social media networks.  

We have our "Total Online Presence" ™ methodology that allows us to know exacctly where you stand all over the internet and we strive to get your business to have as many connections, links and online presence so no matter what the search term or how one looks, you're almost impossible to not be found!   

Video Content is King!

Butter Milk Media News2A picture is worth a thousand words; I wonder how much Video is worth as it's the KING??!  

We could go on and on about photos, images, graphics design and the combination of anything static - or even some "Gif Files" that have some "movement" that you can see on the internet - but

Video Content is KING!   

Having a lot of videos about your business allows one to humanize their employees, their owners, in fact, their entire business as well as some of thier customers through "how to do this videos" (what you do at your business that the general public may not know), Testimonials, Winners of Prizes, you name it!   Give people meaninful and educational content and they will keep coming back.  

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so make the most of this FREE way to adverstise your business and you can make the videos yourself!  


User Generated Content

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User Generated Content 

We love this expression as it means our clients have ALL of the CONTROL!  Yes, that's right, our clients can update their website as often as they wish.  We provide an easy to use platform, we train and then support our clients so that they can add their own content. 

Our process is nothing like these FREE sites you see on TV that have no SEO Features, or Social Media tie-ins, we set it up so that with one click/update you can update your site and your Social Media Channels. 

We also train and support our clients in adding their own Photos, Video, and other content easily!  

Brand Identity/Logo Design

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If you have a logo, have no fear we can use it, however, sometimes we have found that clients love when we create one for the them along with ALL other elements of branding.  We can customize a logo for you or use your current one but it MUST be recreated in Adobe Illustrator so that it can be re-sized to fit on a golf ball or the side of an 18 Wheeler truck bed without pixelating.  We’ve got a whole team that does Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Rendering, After Effects and MORE! We are VERY affordable but we can also accept RFP’s from a host of sources so you can pick who you want to work with!  Keep in mind that the LOGO dictates how the web design should be done and how to set up color schemes to customize all social network pages.

That's right - MOO!  


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