Butter Milk Media News2A picture is worth a thousand words; I wonder how much Video is worth as it's the KING??!  

We could go on and on about photos, images, graphics design and the combination of anything static - or even some "Gif Files" that have some "movement" that you can see on the internet - but

Video Content is KING!   

Having a lot of videos about your business allows one to humanize their employees, their owners, in fact, their entire business as well as some of thier customers through "how to do this videos" (what you do at your business that the general public may not know), Testimonials, Winners of Prizes, you name it!   Give people meaninful and educational content and they will keep coming back.  

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so make the most of this FREE way to adverstise your business and you can make the videos yourself!  


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