Butter Milk Media News2What if you could publish to your newselttter, most social media networks and your website with ONE CLICK?  Yes, we can do that!  

Posting and/or blogging as often as possible is hard enough and then one has to update their social networks, newsletter or whatever else thus taking up hours and hours of your valuable time.  We make the process much simpler by "connecting" as many of your accounts as possible so that with one-click and hit "Publish" your post/blog as well as Faceboo, Twitter and others along with our Newsletter can be updated all at one time.  

This feature alone is one of our cusotmers favorites so that especially their social media channels are updated with the latest news but then they can go in and publish the fun stuff on social media to humanize the company and let people know that the Web is about "connections" and Social Media is about "engaging" your followers and one can't do that by quoaiting pricing and all business all the time content.  
Yeah, that's right - MOO!  

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