We love to set up E-Commerce for our customers and co do that quite readily.  However, many of our customers serve a very unique niche in the market a and hence "basic e-commerce" store may not be the answer since those are best for companies that sell many of the same items over and over instead of unique items that weigh differently are of different shapes and sizes, etc (each of those paramaters must be set for each item for each listing).  

We can create website solutions that allow your visitors to perform online transaction in a fast and secure way and we can also help you set up to automatically post to Craig's List, to build your E-bay stores and hits, as well as selling online.  We can also take payments for Lay-a-ways, loans, and even set up a "What items do you take" function so that the customers that can't or would prefer to not come to your store can still do business with you! 

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